About Us

About Buddy IT

Your partner in navigating the business technology landscape.

We help organizations thrive by empowering and connecting people.  Through our strategic alignment of technology and business, we help our clients maximize productivity and realize full value from their IT investments.

Strategic and holistic at the core, our approach is to always look at the big picture and to provide long-lasting solutions as opposed to simply putting a patch on the issue.  We take a true partnership approach and put in the time needed up front and ongoing to ensure security, stability, and the success of your business.  When our clients do well, we do well too.

Why choose us?

People are the most important part of any organization.  We work hard to build strong relationships with our clients and their users.  We want to make sure they feel comfortable reaching out to us.  Often times this takes work because they’ve been conditioned by other IT/Managed Services companies to believe their requests are an inconvenience.  At Buddy IT we put people first.

Technology is in our blood.  With our strategic approach, we make sure to stay on the cutting edge of our industry.  Constantly looking for ways to improve your business we balance this with the critical need for security and stability.

Propelling your business forward towards the achievement of your goals is the curry to our rice.  We strive to understand your business and processes in order to better align technology with your initiatives.   We work extremely hard to customize systems and solutions in order to make our clients more efficient and productive.

More about us

Who we are

We are Southern Californian, beard-growing, outdoor-loving, friendly family people with a passion for technology.   When we aren’t shining our computers and bench-marking tech specs, you might find us out in the great outdoors with our families.  Backpacking, Surfing, Camping, Hiking, Biking, Snowboarding/Ski-ing, and catching up on some good books are some of the activities we enjoy.   We love taking complex problems/needs and finding ways to streamline them and roll them up into automated/efficient processes.  Systems make us fire on all pistons and we are stoked to share this passion with you!

What we do

Simply put, we UN-manage your IT.  That is we take over all services pertaining to office technology so you don’t have to stress.  We design and improve and support office networks.  A few of implementation and management services we provide are in Remote Server Monitoring and Support, Cloud Applications, VOIP phone systems, Unified Communications (UCaaS), and the support of real people in your business from real people in ours.

Why we do it

We really dig people.  Building relationships with our clients is fulfilling and inspiring.  We love technology and coming up with ways to utilize it to make businesses better.  With that said, we find our work extremely gratifying and are so thankful to be able to serve our clients in these ways.

Where we do it

All over!  We have the pleasure of working with clients near and far.  While our main office is in Oceanside, CA, we get to serve our clients everywhere in the United States…and beyond!  While most of our clients are within the boundaries of Southern California (San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire), many of our clients have remote or branch offices in multiple states and countries.

Things We Enjoy

Backpacking/Camping: 85%
Surfing/Ocean Fun: 95%
Biking: 100%
Snow Sports: 80%
Reading/Listening to Great Books: 100%

6 Reasons we might make good Buddies



Our expert engineers with exceptional relational skills work hard to design and implement tailored solutions for your business.  When issues do arise, they are able to get to the root of the problem and remediate quickly.


Approachable and Available Experts.  Some seriously nice and down-to-earth people.  We try hard to leave the “tech jargon” where it belongs which is not in our conversations with you.


Our approach is forward thinking and holistic.  We are constantly finding ways to optimize and enhance systems for the betterment of our clients.


We are quick to respond to your needs whether it’s urgent or not.  You, our clients are so much more than an SLA.


Documentation to Be Proud Of

Our documentation is LEGIT.  And you get a key to the castle.



While our approach is Fully Managed, we want you to think about the whole enchilada…Not just Helpdesk services and remote monitoring like what is traditionally been referred to as “Managed Services.”  We handle everything that “touches” IT.  From purchasing research and vendor management to contract audits and renegotiation.  We aren’t your standard MSP.


We are Buddy IT

Never go IT alone.